Monday, May 23, 2011

from West Siberia to Kulaijaya


Thank you Igor (RW9JD) as willing to send a very beautiful Eqsl to me. For your information, I use a single double paddle, and only sends 50 watts using the ICOM 718. Antenna Im using was 3 DALBEAM Bander 6 element Yagi.
Propogation is very quiet at that time. Because of that, we can work together to finish without a problem. Emissions from u was very strong. I noted that my 718 screens showing 10dB reading. great!
These past few weeks, 20m band decreased slightly. While the 15m band is getting better in the evening and afternoon. It is consistent with my hectic day-to-day. Just wait for the weekend to continue to intrude in this band. See u down the logs

73 from Kulaijaya

# 9m2zak has 1592 Eqsl stored

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50wpm Recording #84