Sunday, January 17, 2010

Upgrading PSK 31 interface.

psk 31 interface is under construction...

After succesful with the ugly interface for psk 31.... now i try to make another interface for psk31. This time i try make full function interface.


In order to connect your Icom radio to a comp for CAT control, you will need a converter that is capable of converting RS232 levels to icom 5 volt collector bus line.

There are several ways to go about this, ranging from very basic two transistor interface to ICOM own CT-17 interface.

The obvious answer is to purchase ICOM CT-17. Its cost US 14o...This cannot be considered inexpensive by any standards. It is relatively simple to build the inteface from the circuit found in the internet. This is the design used by HB9DRV and PH1PH when testing Ham Radio Deluxe. Total Building araound $25....

Litar CT-17

Component List :
  1. IC1 DIL16, MAX232 - BELUM JUMPA LAGI...HUHU...tapi ody kata dia jumpe..
  2. SC1 Socket DIL16
  3. Capasitor 1 x 10uf, 4 x 1uf,
  4. capasitot seramik 1 x 0.1 uf
  5. 2 diode, 1n4148
  6. 1 zener diode, 4.7v
  7. 1 resistor 220
To be continued........


If u are planning on using PSK31 Deluxe (or any other soundcard mode) you will need an audio interface to connect your rig audio in/out to the computer soundcard.....

Audio interfacing can be done in so many ways.... It is possible to connect your radio directly to your soundcard without any form of isolating interface but this is cannot recommended.

I shall assume that you want to do things properly, so here is a circuit that has proved its worth many times....

audio interface circuit

Please hit this link for the latest update about PSK-RTTY-SSTV interfaces

selamat mencuba......73 9m2zak

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Bill said...

Thanks Zaki for your courtesy in letting others know of your experience. I always find it an encouragement to younger hams that people like yourself are prepared to share with others. I've been a ham since 1961 and have held many calls around the globe but sadly never one in the beautiful country of Malaysia although I must say I have visited it many times in connection with my then job. Thanks again and more power to your elbow! 73 Dr Bill DU3/G4CWA

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