Monday, July 3, 2017

7inch HDMI LCD (B) User Manual for RaspberryPI3

Features :

  •  800×480 high resolution, touch control 
  •  Supports Raspberry Pi, and driver is provided (works with custom Raspbian directly) 
  •  Supports BB Black, comes with related images like: Angstrom 
  •  Supports Banana Pi / Banana Pro, comes with related images like : Lubuntu, Raspbian 
  •  Not only for mini-PCs, it can work as a computer monitor just like any other general HDMI  screen      (touch function is unavailable in this case) 
  •  HDMI interface for displaying, USB interface for touch control

Working with Raspberry Pi 

How to program Raspbian image file :

In order to use with Raspberry Pi, you should configure the original system first. Of course, you can program a ready-to-use system image file to your Raspberry Pi board as well. In this section, we will illustrate how to program the image file by taking the ready-to-use system image file, RPI_2B_B_B+_7.0_cap_usb_touch_RASPBIAN_20150405.img, as an example. This image file supports Raspberry Pi Model B/B+/A+/2B.

1) Copy the file with the expansion name .img to your PC

2) Connect a TF card to your PC, and format your TF card with the SDFormatter.exe Notices: The capability of TF card in used here should be more than 4GB. In this operation, a TF card reader is also required, which has to be purchased separately. 

3) Start the Win32DiskImager.exe, and select the system image file copied into your PC, then, click the button Write to program the system image file.

Hardware connection 

1) Connect the LCD to the HDMI on the Raspberry Pi board with a HDMI cable; 

2) Connect the USB Touch interface on the LCD to the USB interface on the Raspberry Pi board with a USB type-A male to micro-B cable. 

Virtual keyboard of Raspberry Pi 

The Virtual keyboard of Raspbian system enables you to save the USB resource, providing easy system operations. After the LCD is working properly, this function can be invoked by the following command: DISPLAY=:0.0 matchbox-keyboard -s 100 extended Now, the virtual keyboard is ready to use

Source code and protocol 

Copy the source code to your Pi. 

2) Execute the following command: 

cd wavesahre-7inch-touchscreen-driver 

chmod +x 

sudo apt-get update 

sudo ./ 

3) Shut down your Pi then power up again and usually you can use the display and touch functions. 

Note: You may need for help about the source code but please consult the related website. We don't provide any supports of development environment building and source code modification

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