Monday, June 12, 2017

Satellite Operations : Setup and pairing the TH-D74 with APRSIS32 mapping/tracking for i-gate

Setup and pairing the TH-D74 with APRSIS32 mapping/tracking for i-gate via bluetooth APRS ISS & PSAT (NO-84) Satellite Operations.

Menu=400 Built-in GPS=on
Menu=401 My Postion=GPS
Menu=403 Operating Mode=normal
Menu=404 Battery Saver=off
Menu=405 PC Output=on
Menu=510  Method=manual
Menu=580 PC Output=Raw Packets  
Menu=581 Network=APRS [APk004]
Menu=930 Bluetooth=on
Menu=981 PC Output (GPS)=Bluetooth
Menu=982 PC Output (APRS)=Bluetooth
Menu=983 Kiss=Bluetooth
Bluetooth symbol should be showing idle (not illuminated) in top of TH-D74 screen
Turn on GPS so that it is flashing top left of screen to enable aprs beacon manually with
push button-6

Install Kenwood TH-D74A/E Virtual Com Port Driver from
With Bluetooth enabled on radio and pc: Pair TH-D74 with Windows Bluetooth

APRSIS32  (Dev Version 2016/08/24 14:36) Recognize D74 (need to change APRSIS32.XML file to download and run new development version to work)
(using Notepad edit this statement in APRSIS32.XML file   0 (change 0 to 1 to make the change)

From APRSIS32 menu/About download and restart to update.

Configure/Ports/New Port
Port Type=Bluetooth/Device=TH-D74
Untick box IS to RF
Do not tick box for GPS/NIMEA 
APRSIS32/Menu/Enables/Ports make sure TH-D74 is ticked
APRSIS32/Menu/Enables and turn off Beaconing 

When starting APRSIS32 TH-D74 radio screen should show 'Connected Bluetooth Device' for short period with the Bluetooth symbol and APRS 12 continuously on
indicating the communication over the serial port. When exiting APRSIS32 the Bluetooth symbol and APRS 12 indicator should go off. 

Note:When updating Kenwood's TH-D74 firmware bluetooth will no longer work and will need to be paired with pc again even though it says it is.

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