Monday, June 12, 2017

Kenwood TS-2000 : RX ISS APRS Setup with UISS. Step by step.

Please follow this instruction below.
  1. Connect a lead from TS-2000 headphone socket to pc microphone-in socket.
  2. Tune to 145.825 FM on main radio screen and fully open the squelch.
  3. Run UISS and setup choose UZ7HO Soundmodem as packet engine then point the directory where it is located and tick both boxes for Auto Run and Auto Close.
  4. select LAN Setup and tick Enable, Host/IP, AGW LAN Port 8000, AGW RX Radioport 1 and same for TX radio port.
  5. Close and reload the UISS to run-up Sound modem.
  6. Choose Settings, Devices, Output and Imput device and PTT Port and fill in the correct details.
  7. Choose Modem settings and select Modem type ch.A VHF AX.25 1200bd and same again for Modem type ch.B.
  8. From the top menu put 1700 for both Ch A and Ch B + DCD slider nearly fully to the left and tick box to Hold pointers.
  9. Its done and happy decoding.

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