Monday, June 12, 2017

APRSIS32 : LAPAN-A2, ISS AND PCSAT Satellite Operation setup

Step one 
Set Configure > General > Add Filter to b/RS0ISS*/W3ADO-1/ARISS/YB0X-1/FAST1 d/RS0ISS*/W3ADO-1/ARISS/YB0X-1/FAST1  

Step two
In Configure > Ports > APRS-IS, uncheck Telemetry, Beacon, and Bulletin/Obj

Step three
In Configure > Ports > uncheck Telemetry, Bulletin/Obj, IS to RF and Me not 3rd.

Step four
change your Configure > Beacon > Path depending on the Satellite you are attempting to use:
  1. For ISS, Beacon Path is ARISS,SGATE or RS0ISS-4,SGATE
  2. For PCSAT (NO-44), Beacon Path is ARISS,SGATE or W3ADO-1,SGATE
  3. For LAPAN-A2 (IO-86), Beacon Path is YB0X-1,SGATE
If ISS is close by, you can try the “double sat hopping”, by using the following Path “YBSAT,ARISS,SGATE”.

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