Friday, August 19, 2011

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2011

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend



This year: 20-21 August 2011 - Duration 48 hours
Next Year: 18-19 August 2012 - Duration 48 hours

This annual amateur radio event was started in Scotland in 1995 by the late Mike Dalrymple (GM4SUC) and other members of Ayr Amateur Radio Group (AARG). Today the group is committed to the longterm ownership, development, administration and non-commercial operation of the event on behalf of the world-wide radio amateur community. Through its efforts in these areas AARG hopes to ensure that the ILLW and Mike's dream (of a premier international goodwill event) shall continue for many years in a truly amateur environment. The fact that some 85 countries have been represented in this event since inception clearly shows that this goal has been well and truly achieved.

The event came into being from the Scottish Northern Lighthouses Award Weekend first held in 1994. See also the AARG web site for further history and here for the original ILLW web site and 1998 list by Bob Dixon, GM3ZDH. Over the past 15 years it has continued to grow. To date more than 450 lighthouses and Lightships in some 50 countries around the world have participated in the event.

The event is always held on the 3rd full weekend in August starting at 0001 UTC on Saturday and finishing at 2359 UTC on Sunday. It also coincides on the Sunday with International Lighthouse Day an event organised by the International Association of Lighthouse Keepers whereby many world lighthouses are open to the public for the day.


The basic objective of the event is to promote public awareness of lighthouses and lightships and their need for preservation and restoration, and at the same time to promote amateur radio and to foster International goodwill. Lighthouses are fast becoming an endagered species with the introduction of Global Positioning Systems and Satellite Navigation and the automation of the light source to solar power which has resulted in the withdrawal of mangement personnel (Keepers). It is hoped that this event will highlight this situation and help prevent further desecration of these magnificent structures all around the world.

So come and join us in the fun of the weekend, establish a station at a lighthouse, lightship or maritime beacon. The more the merrier. If you decide to join us in the fun just fill in the official online entry form with your details. This will enable other stations to be aware of who is participating in the event. You may also send you entry, or any questions regarding the rules, via the "Contact Us" link in the main menu.


Sponsors: The Ayr Amateur Radio Group, Scotland.

Event Organizer and Webmaster: Kevin VK2CE

Lighthouse List manager: Ted W8TTS

Publicity: Jim VK3PC

Google Earth file creator: Kenneth M1DZT

Bukit Segenting Lighthouse Team

Event Organizer : Jaya 9W2BUG

Station Master : Zaki 9M2ZAK

Lighthouse manager : Danial 9W2DAL

Assisted by : ScoutsJB Rovers


Country Call Lighthouse, Lightship Name ILLW No QSL Route and other info.
Argentina LR5D Martin Garcia AR0022 Direct or buro to LU4AA
Argentina LT5D Faro Punta Mogotes AR0013
Argentina LT5X Baliza Observatorio AR0049 LU8XW see web site or
Argentina LU1EQ /D San Antonio AR0018 Direct or CC.33-CP.1625, Escobar, Bs, As.
Argentina LU1VOF /D Segunda Barranca AR0019 Direct, Manager, Buro or e-QSL
Argentina LU1WCR Chubut AR0007 Mendoza NA Rawson Chubut Argentina 9103
Argentina LU1WJY Punta Lobos AR0048 Calle El Ceibo NA 805-9100, Trelew-Chubut Argentina
Argentina LU1XB Faro Beauvoir AR0005 Radio Club Argentino see web site
Argentina LU2XX Faro Punta Paramo AR0037 CC183-CP9420 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego Argentina
Argentina LU6DM /D Punta Medanos AR0012 Via
Argentina 11 LU9JMG Stella Maris AR0020 Via LU5JZZ
Australia VI4FI Sandy Cape, Fraser Island AU0043 Direct. (Ops Ipswich and District ARC) IOTA OC-142, QG65OG
Australia VI40BOR Tacking Point Lighthouse AU0034 (club 40th anniversary)
Australia VK2AMW Point Perpendicular (Note 4) AU0030
Australia VK2ATZ /p Norah Head Lighthouse AU0024 Bureau
Australia VK2AWA Port Waratah Steelworks Channel AU0072 VK2 bureau. Cancelled
Australia VK2BV Macquarie Light AU0022 Buro. (Australia's oldest Lighthouse)
Australia VK2CE Greencape Lightstation AU0020 Buro. (Depending on road condx)
Australia VK2CL Montague Island Lighthouse AU0071 TBA
Australia VK2EH /p Nobby's Head, Newcastle AU0083 Bureau
Australia VK2BEL Sugarloaf Point, Seal Rocks AU0033 Buro
Australia VK2GEL Point Danger AU0061 Direct
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads (Note 3) AU0047 Electronic or direct
Australia VK2EP Smoky Cape AU0031 POBox 655 Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Australia
Australia VK2FRE Crowdy Head Lighthouse AU0044 PO Box 712, Taree NSW 2430, Aust.
Australia VK2HBG Point Perpendicular AU0030 Direct or Buro
Australia VK2IWM Clarence Head, Yamba AU0013 Bureau
Australia VK2JUB Evans Head Light AU0018 VK2Buro. (In memory of VK2AAG former op)
Australia VK2MB Barrenjoey Head AU0046 Buro. See web cam here.
Australia VK2SRC Ballina Richmond Head AU0001 70 Reynolds Road, Codrington 2471, NSW Aust.
Australia VK2WIR Cape Byron AU0006 VK2 Buro or 414 Richmond Hill Rd, Richmond Hill, NSW 2480.
Australia VK3ANR Point Henry Signal Station AU0084 Bureau or direct
Australia VK3ATL Point Lonsdale AU0028 Bureau
Australia VK3ATX Gabo Island, Victoria. AU0080 See
Australia VK3BJA Wilson's Promontory Lighthouse AU0056 Buro
Australia VK3DNQ Cape Nelson AU0055 Direct
Australia VK3EMF Cape Schanck AU0012 Direct or buro
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks AU0027 VK3EV via
Australia VK3FMPB Split Point Aireys Inlet AU0032 Buro
Australia VK3KMA Cape Otway Lightstation AU0011 Bureau
Australia VK3UT Lady Bay Upper AU0049 VK3UT, Flagstaff Hill, Merri St. Warnambool
Australia VK3VTH /7 Currie Light, King Island, Tasmania AU0016 Bureau
Australia VK3WI Williamstown Light & Timeball Tower AU0036 Buro
Australia VK3APC Eastern Light McCrae AU0017 Buro or POB 58 Highett 3190 Victoria Aust
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point AU0014 PO Box 411 Capalaba, Queensland
Australia VK4BW Burnett Heads Historical Lighthouse AU0004 PO Box 129 Bundaberg Qld. 4670
Australia VK4CHB Woody Island Middle Bluff (QG64LQ) AU0090 HBARC PO Box 829 Hervey Bay QLD 4655
Australia VK4CQR Sea Hill Point, Qld. AU0060 Buro. (200th entry)
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown AU0019 Buro or PO Box 170 Yungaburra, QLD Aust
Australia VK4HOY Point Cartwright AU0091 Direct
Australia VK4HOY Bustard Head AU0093 Direct
Australia VK4LLE Lady Elliot Island AU0085 Direct
Australia VK4MM Bulwer Island Rear Lead Light AU0003 QMMA PO Box 3098 South Brisbane QLD 4101 or Buro
Australia VK4WIR Cape Capricorn Lighthouse AU0059 Via
Australia VK4WIM Pine Islet AU0026 Direct or Bureau
Australia VK4WIS Old Caloundra, Queensland AU0025 Buro
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point AU0021
Australia VK5CJ Cape Jaffa AU0007 Via VK5SR, South East Radio Group
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro or PO Box 333 Morphett Vale, SA 5162
Australia VK5PBZ Port Germein. SA. AU0069
Australia VK5UK Corny Point AU0015 Direct or buro
Australia VK5WSR Cape Martin AU0074 Via VK5SR, South East Radio Group
Australia VK6AHR North Mole Lighthouse Fremantle AU0073 Direct or buro
Australia VK6BRC Casurina Lighthouse, WA. AU0086
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse AU0008 VK6YS
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste, WA AU0010 Direct or e-QSL
Australia VK6MP Point Moore, Geraldton. AU0063 WIA bureau
Australia VK6ZN Carnarvon AU0042 Buro or direct
Australia VK7DB Sandy Cape , West Tasmania AU0089
Australia VK7NWT Mersey Bluff AU0040 (Other op VK7EM)
Australia VK7HKN Eddystone Point AU0087
Australia VK7NET Table Cape, NW Tasmania AU0039 Buro or direct see
Australia VK7KT Bluff Hill, West Coast. AU0081 (Other op VK7MAJ)
Australia VK7LH Low Head, Tasmania AU0048 Via
Australia VK7WCN Point Home Lookout AU0076 Buro or PO Box 232 Snug, Tas 7054. Australia.
Australia VK7ZE Cape Wickham, King Island AU0082 VK7ZE. Cancelled
Australia 66 VK7ZM Rocky Cape AU0066
Austria 1 OE6XMF /4 Moerbisch - Lake Neusiedlersee AT0004 Buro to OEVSV
Azerbaijan 1 4J0LH Absheron Lighthouse AZ0001 New country
Azores 1 CT8/DC2CT Farol das Contendas PT0014 Via DARC buro
Belgium ON4LO Royers Locks N/A Buro to ON4LO
Belgium ON4OS /p Lange Nelle BE0008 ON4CJK
Belgium ON6NW /p Lightship Westhinder I BE0004 Bureau
Belgium OP5K /lh Fort Liefkenshoek BE0014 Via OP5K
Belgium 5
ON9BD Westhinder 3 Lightship BE0006 Bureau
Brazil 1 PQ8XB Para Island. SA-045 BR0004 PT7WA. (Lighthouse on Bailique Archipelago) 17-24 August
Canada VC3L Oakville CA0024 Via
Canada VC7L Pilot Point, British Columbia. CA0030 VA7TL via RAC Buro.
Canada VE2CSL Point au Pere (Father Point) CA0033 VE2CSL. (Club Radio-Amateur du St Laurent)
Canada VE3DC Burlington Canal Main Light, ON CA0015 Direct, Buro or eQSL
Canada VE3ERC Point Clarke CA0011 E-QSL
Canada VE3FCT Nine Mile Point CA0031 e-QSL
Canada VE3FRG Pointe Petre CA0026 e-QSL or direct
Canada VE3OSR Cabot Head CA0032 Buro
Canada VE3RAM Cape North L'house (Old) Museum CA0016 Direct (Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club)
Canada VE7FE Nootka, BC. CA0028 Via Op callsign/ (100th Anniversary of Lighthouse)
Canada VE7HH Nootka Island Lighthouse CA0028 Via Op callsign/ (100th anniversary)
Canada VE7YO Nootka Island Lighthouse CA0028 Via Operator call sign/ (100th anniversary)
VE9SLH Swallow Tail Light CA0018 Buro or VE9BP
Canada 14 VO1MCE Cape Race Lighthouse CA0006 Buro
Chile CB2T Punta Tortuga CL0006
Chile XR2A Punta Angeles CL0011 CE3BBC via
Chile XR7F Punta Corona CL0020 Via CA7PGO
Chile XR6Z Morro Gonzalo CL0019 CE6AMN
Chile XR2FCU Faro Punta Curaumilla CL0017 CE2AA
Chile XR2FPD Faro Punta Duprat CL0016 CE2AA
Chile XR2FPC Faro Punta Condell CL0015 CE2AA
Chile CE2C Faro Corfradia Nautica del Pacifico CL0021 CE3FZL
Chile XR2PS Punta Panul CL0022 PO Box 50314-1 Correo Central Santiago, direct only +sase
Chile 10 XR2Q Quintay CL0018 PO Box 50314-1 Santiago, Chile
China 1 BD4KYA Jinxianding, Qiganzui
CN0001 257-501 Guzhai East Road Weihai 264200 China
Croatia 9A7SSY Savudrija HR0001 HC buro
Croatia 2 9A2MF Savudrija HR0001 HC Buro
Denmark OZ0MF Nordborg DK0006 Via DH1LAO or via buro
Denmark OZ2GBW/lh Knudshoved Lighthouse DK0004 Buro EDR Club Station OZ2NYB
Denmark 3 OZ5ESB Saeddenstrand Mellumfyr DK0014 Buro
England 2E0LXH New Brighton / Perch Rock UK0130 Direct Cancelled
England G0NWM St Mary's Lighthouse UK0021 Buro. (Ops Tynemouth ARC) Joint ops with GB4SML.
England G4CW Cross Ness UK0095 Buro (North Kent Radio Society)
England GB0BHL Berry Head UK0088 Buro or direct. (Will use WARC bands if contest are running)
England GB0HL Happisburgh Lighthouse UK0007 Buro or direct
England GB0BMB Beaullieu Millennium Beacon UK0002 RSGB buro
England GB0PL Paull Lighthouse UK0017 Buro
England GB1PBL Portland Bill (3 lights) UK0073
England GB2BML Blakeney Mariner's Light UK0084 Buro to GB2BML or Direct to M6KAH
England GB0NLH Needles Point Lighthouse UK0067 Buro. (Loc: Isle of Wight EU-120)
England GB1DLH Dungness (New) UK0059 E-qsl only. (Brede Steam ARS)
England GB1DLH Dungness (Old) UK0060 E-qsl only
England GB2FCL Flamborough Chalk Lighthouse UK0005 Buro
England GB2FL Flamborough Lighthouse (New) UK0006 Buro
England GB2JBM Sir John Barrow Memorial n/a Direct via G4USW qthr or via buro
England GB2LV Lightship LV-21 UK0129 RSGB buro
England GB2SFL South Foreland Lighthouse UK0027 Via buro (QSL manager G0KOK Dover ARC)
England GB2HLH Hunstanton Lighthouse UK0011 See
England GB2PSL Plover Scar Lighthouse UK0018 Via bureau only
England GB2RL Roker Light UK0099 Buro or Buro or via G0GFG
England GB2SCA Scarborough Lighthouse UK0022 Buro or g0ooo
England GB2SJ Souter Lighthouse UK0026 Buro, direct, eQSL
England GB2TCL Thorngumbold Clough Lights UK0149 UK0150 Humber Fortress DXARC via buro to MX0HFC or
England GB2WHL Whitby High Light UK0062 M0OXO
England GB2WLH Withernsea UK0013 RSGB bureau
England GB4CL Cromer Lighthouse UK0076
England GB4HLH Harwich Lights High and Low UK0009 M0ZZO. (Other number UK0074)
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014 RSGB or direct to G4WUA Qthr. (Live web cams via web site)
England GB4FPR New Brighton, Fort Perch Rock UK0130 Via M0BZZ
England GB4SML Saint Mary's Lighthouse UK0021 RSGB bureau. (Also see web site for ops details)
England GB5HL Hartland Point UK0111 Buro
England GB5ULA Lightship Sula LV-14 UK0109 Buro (Formerly LV Spurn, now moored Gloucester Docks)
England GX3PRC Smeaton's Tower (Museum) UK0025 RSGB buro
England GX8MKC Southwold UK0050 Buro
England M0DXT /p Maryport, Old light. UK0152 Via Home call 400th entry
England M0MTY Dovercourt Rear and Front UK0153 RSGB buro, or Email. (Front light UK0154)(Loc: JO01PW)
England 37 M6MDP North Foreland UK0128 Direct
Finland OH1AF Kallo FI0017 Buro
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Bureau. (Finland's oldest lighthouse 1753)
Finland OH1AM Kylmapihlaja FI0002 Bureau
Finland OH3AG Sappi Lighthouse FI0014 SRAL buro
Finland OH3GDO Yttergrund FI0009 Buro (plus OH6MYZ,OH3KW)
Finland OH5B Luovukkaluoto FI0023 SRAL/OH5B
Finland OH6FMG Gashallan. EU-101 FI0015 Buro or direct see
Finland OH6NR Rovargrund FI0004 Buro or OH6LUW 300th entry
Finland OH6VM /p Gustavarn FI0022 Bureau
Finland OI3V /lh Salgrund FI0006 Bureau
Finland 11 OI5AY Kaunissaari (Island) EU-140 FI0024 Buro
France 1 TM0LHG Petit-Fort-Philippe FR0002 PA0HEL via buro, NO e_QSL please. (Ops PA0HEL, PA0RLM)
Germany DA0L Roter Sand DE0095
Germany DA0LCC Wehldorf Upper DE0034 Buro
Germany DA0LCC Wehldorf Front Range DE0032 Buro
Germany DA0WLH Warnemuende DE0064 DARC buro
Germany DA2011LH Campen Lighthouse DE0048 Via DH3WO. (Special event callsign and qsl card)
Germany DF0ELM Gruenendeich DE0010 Buro
Germany DF0KY Sandstedt Oberfeurer (old) DE0085 DF0KY
Germany DF0LH Darsser Ort DE0004 Buro and LoTW
Germany DF0MF Lightship Arumbank DE0059 Buro, SWL & Direct via DL1WH
Germany DF0WLG Greifswalser Oie, EU-057 DE0009 Via DARC buro or direct to DM5DX. (DARC V30)
Germany DF8AN /p Eckernfoerde Hafen Old and New DE0078/9 DF8AN
Germany DF8HS Marienleuchte New DE0051 Via Home call
Germany DF8HS Mareinleuchte Old DE0052 Via Home call
Germany DG0GF Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro
Germany DG3XA Bunthauser Spitze DE0089 Buro
Germany DH0IPA Eversand Oberfeurer DE0096 Buro (Loc: Dorum-Neufeld)
Germany DJ5KX Busum DE0098 Buro
Germany DJ9SG Kollmar DE0014 Buro
Germany DK0DAN Knock Lighthouse DE0049 Buro
Germany DK0FC/lh Wangerooge Old Tower EU-047 DE0030 Via DB1BAC
Germany DK0RU Scheelenkuhlen Oberfeuer DE0026 DARC buro
Germany DK0RZ Pellworm DE0024 Buro
Germany DK4DS Krautsand Upper Light Elbe River DE0015 Buro
Germany DL0AWG Luehe Lower DE0091 Buro
Germany DL0BRF Borkumriff Lightship DE0017 Buro or direct via DL1BIZ
Germany DL0CUX Lightship Elbe1 DE0010 Buro to DK1KQ
Germany DL0MFH /lgt Lightvessel 13, Trinity House. DE0019 Buro (Lighthship at Hamburg)
Germany DL0EJ /lh Gellen Hiddensee DE0090 Buro
Germany DL0EM Wybelsum Lighthouse DE0087 Darc buro
Germany DL0EO /lh Eckernfoerde DE0005 DARC buro
Germany DL0HDF Leuchtfeuer / Wustrow DE0060 DL0HDF
Germany DL0HOA /p Falshoeft DE0007 DARC buro
Germany DL0HW /lh Neuland DE0022 Buro
Germany DL0LNW /lh Lighthouse Neuwerk, EU-127 DE0016 Buro or CBA
Germany DL0TO Old Lighthouse Travemuende DE0028 Buro
Germany DL0MFK /lh Karnin Lighthouse Pilot Tower DE0013 Buro
Germany DL0PBS Memmert Feuer DE0012 Buro
Germany DL0RWE Alter Leuchtturn Borkum DE0046 Buro
Germany DL0UEM Ueckermuende DE0029 Buro
Germany DL0UTW Oberfeurer Imsum (Old) DE0094 Buro
Germany DL0XR Maltzien DE0020 Buro and e-QSL
Germany DL0YLM Fyrskib XV Lightship DE0061 Buro. (YL Crew)
Germany DL6KWN Petersdorf Oberfeurer DE0097 Buro
Germany DL7MFK Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro
Germany DL7UVO /p Kolliker Ort DE0100 Buro
Germany DM1SW Tossens Oberfeurer DE0053 Buro
Germany DM2C/lh Moritzburg, Saxony DE0021 Darc buro. (CW, SSB, PSK31 on HF bands)
Germany DM3G Peenemuende Leitfeuer DE0099 DARC buro
Germany DM5C Westmarkelsdorf DE0080 Buro
Germany DN0AWG Luehe Old Lower DE0092 Buro
Germany DR4X /lh Karnin Lighthouse Pilot Tower DE0013 Buro
Germany DO7RKL Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro
Germany 53 DR5W Zarrenzin Upper DE0093 DARC buro
Gibraltar 1 ZB2LGT Europa Point GI0001 Buro
Honduras 1 HR2/LU1DY Punta Caballos Cancelled HN0001
Iceland 1
TF8IRA Gardskagaviti IS0002 Buro or
India AT0ULH Uttan Lighthouse IN0005 ARSI buro
India 2 VU9LHA Alleppey Lighthouse IN0004 Direct or Buro (Ops 12-22 August. See web site for info &pics)
Indonesia 1 YE5ZZE Putri Island n/a PO Box 154 Batam 29400
Ireland EI0Z St John's Point. Cancelled
IE0005 EI8JB
Ireland EI1KARG Cromwell Point Lighthouse IE0001 EI9FVB
Ireland EI1NC Old Head of Kinsale IE0007 Bureau. (Operating from inside the lighthouse)
Ireland EI2OHK Old Head of Kinsale Cancelled IE0007 EI9FBB direct or bureau.
Ireland EI4LRC/p Tarbert Island Lighthouse IE0002 Via EI4GXB buro or direct
Ireland 6 EI7MRE Blacksod Lighthouse IE0008 Bureau. (Sunday ops only from 9am local)
Isle of Man 1 GT8IOM Point of Ayre IM0001 LOTW and direct only see
Italy (Sicily) IH9YMC Punta Spadillo. AF018 IT0016 E-qsl. (Location Pantelleria Island)
Italy IK3JBP Goro Lighthouse IT0004 Buro or direct see (Other op IK3IUL on CW)
Italy IR0LH Monte Orlando Lighthouse IT0007 Buro or direct IZ0EGC
Italy IQ3TS /lh Victory Lighthouse Trieste IT0011 Buro or with SASE via
Italy IQ6SB /lh San Benedetto del Tronto IY0009 Bureau for SSB, I6HWD for CW contacts
Italy IQ7TA /lh Diga di San Vito Lighthouse IT0016 Buro or IZ7LDC manager. WAIL PU019, Loc: JN80OK
Italy II1L La Lanterna IT0005 Buro or SASE info in
Italy 8 IZ7LDC /p Mar Piccolo IT0015 Bureau via IZ7LDC
Lebanon OD5RW Manara LB0001 Buro
Lebanon OD5RW Ramkin LB0002 Buro
Lebanon 3 OD5RW Tyr LB0003 Buro
Lithuania 1 LY2FN Nida Lighthouse LT0001 Buro or direct
Malaysia 9M4CHF Kota Kuala Kedah Lighthouse MY0011
Malaysia 9M4LHC Tanjung Gelang Lighthouse MY0002 Buro or direct to 9M2RDX
Malaysia 9M4LHN Cape Rashardo Tanjung Tuan MY0001 Via 9W2PD PO Box 73 71007 Port Dickson Malaysia
9M4CJB Bukit Segenting, Johor MY0008 or via Scouts JB QSL manager 9W2BUG
Malaysia 5 9M6SDX Pulau Berhala Sandakan, Sabah MY0012 9M4SAB
Mexico XE3ACB Isla Arenas, Calkini, Campeche MX0005 Buro
XE3WM Celestun, Yucatan MX0006 Buro
Mexico 3 XE3WMA Telchac Puerto MX0007 Arey AC, Apartado Postal 4-108 CP 97101
Namibia 1 V55L Swakopmund NA0001
Netherlands DL9OE /p Bornruif / Ameland NL0032 Buro. (Ops from 20 to 28 August)
Netherlands PA1VLD Vuurtoren Vlieland Island NL0015 e-QSL only please. JO23MH
Netherlands PA3BIC /lh Ameland Lighthouse NL0032 Dutch qsl buro
Netherlands PA6FUN Paard van Marken NL0031 Via PA3HHT
Netherlands PA6LH van Speijck NL0014 Buro or PA0XAW
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship "Texel" NL0006 PI4ADH
Netherlands PA6SB Steenen Baak NL0012 Buro or via PI4VPO
Netherlands PA6SCH Scheveningen NL0022 Via PB7TT
Netherlands PA7AL /lh Workum NL0042 Buro
Netherlands PD0TB Stenen Baak NL0012 Buro. (Other op PA6SB)
Netherlands PD2GCM/lh Nieuwwendijk Range Rear NL0008 PD2GCM
Netherlands PD24SCH Scheveningen Havenhoofd, ZW NL0024 PD1AKG
Netherlands PD23SCH Scheveningen NE Tower NL0023 Via PB7TT
Netherlands PD25SCH Scheveningen Promenade Pier NL0025 PD1ARV
Netherlands PD6ALS Amsterdam Lightship NL0043 Buro, direct or
Netherlands PG6HK Harderwijk Light, De Vischpoort NL0038 Buro
Netherlands PG6N Noordwijk aan Zee NL0009 Bureau
Netherlands PH6WAL Westkapelle Low NL0018 Bureau
Netherlands PI4F /lh Europoort Laag NL0034 PD1WAT
Netherlands PI4VNW /lh Hoek van Holland Hoge Licht NL0003 Buro or to PA7FL
Netherlands21 PI4ZVL Nieuwe Sluis, Breskens NL0007 Buro
NewCaledonia1 FK4WBT Le Fare Amedee NC0001 QSL via Operating Condx see Web site
New Zealand ZL1GHT Manukau Heads Lighthouse NZ0002 Buro to ZL1GHT. Ops ZL1RP, ZL1FAV
New Zealand ZL1KBR Bean Rock Lighthouse NZ0011 ZL1SLO via
New Zealand ZL1PDT Cape Reinga Cancelled NZ0020 ZL1PDT
New Zealand ZL2AS Castle Point NZ0018
New Zealand ZL2LHW Karori NZ0017 NZART bureau
New Zealand ZL2OC Cape Palliser NZ0007 to ZL2WY
New Zealand ZL4ACG Waipapa Point NZ0004 Direct see
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Buro or PO Box 432, Blenheim, New Zealand
New Zealand ZL6LH Pouto Kaipara Harbour NZ0018
New Zealand10 ZM1AOX Tiritiri Matangi NZ0021 Direct or buro
Norway LA1AFP /p Monsestuen. (Halmrast Fyr) Note 2. NO0011 O Eriksen Owregata 10, 6004, Aalesund, N'way or Buro to LB1LF
Norway 2 LA6LI Lista Lighthouse NO0003 Buro or direct Ole Baekkelien, Postveien 89 4563 Borhaug N'way
Nth Ireland 2I0RWG Chaine Tower, Co Antrim UK0033 E-qsl or direct
Nth Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse UK0032 Via or direct to GI0BJH
Nth Ireland GI0LIX Chaine Tower UK0033 Bureau
Nth Ireland 4 MN0NID Lightship Petrel UK0092 MI0SAI via buro, LOTW, direct,
Panama 1 HP2TP Toro Point PA0003 HP1RCP
Philippines 1 DV1UD Corregidore Lighthouse PH0001 DV1UD
Poland 3Z0LH Ina Range Southbound Front PL0016 Buro to SP1PBW
Poland SN2NP Gdansk Nowy Port PL0003 SP2BIK
Poland SP1ZZ Jaroslawiec Lighthouse PL0014 Direct or Buro. (Expedition with 8 ops 17-21 August)
Poland 4 SQ2HFH Hel Lighthouse PL0015 Buro
Portugal CR5L Farol da Barra, Ilhavo PT0018 CT1DSV
Portugal CR6LH Cabo da Roca PT0015 CT1GZB buro or direct (Westernmost point in EU)
Portugal CR5LSV Sao Vicente PT0011 See
Portugal CS2HNI Faro do Forte Do Cavalo PT0012 Via CT1RVM
Portugal CS5RLX Guia Lighthouse PT0017 Via bureau
Portugal CT1EWA /p Nazare PT0004 CT1EWA
Portugal CR6FNA Penedo da Saudade PT0023 Buro or
Portugal CT2HMX /p Cabo Carvoeiro Lighthouse PT0002 See
Portugal 9 CR5REP /lh Farol da Guia PT0017 Via bureau
Puerto Rico KP3RE Cabo San Juan PR0002 PO Box 91, Puerto Real, PR 00740-0091
Puerto Rico KP4CPC Puerto San Juan / El Morro PR0011 RR-11 Box 5971, Bayamon, PR 00956
Puerto Rico 3 W4L Punta Los Morillos, Aricebo PR0006 WP4CRG. (Using PSK31 and SSTV on 20 meters)
Romania YO4AUL Constanta Lighthouse RO0001 Direct or bureau
Romania 2 YO4ASG /lh Genovese Lighthouse RO0002 Direct or via bureau
Russia 1 RZ6APF Chuskinskiy, Front and Rear RU0004 Buro or direct. (Rear RU0005)
Saint Lucia 1 J6 /VE3CZF Cap Moule A Chique LC0001 Direct to VE3CZF
Scotland 2M0COT Ardnamurchan Point UK0117 Direct to 2M0COT or see
Scotland GB0NHL Noss Head Lighthouse UK0039 RSGB buro
Scotland GB1OL Eday Lighthouse UK0131 GM0IFM direct only please.
Scotland GB2ELH Eshaness Lighthouse UK0058, buro or MM5PSL
Scotland GB2GNL Girdleness Lighthouse UK0037 Buro or E-qsl to GM3WIJ
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness Lighthouse UK0034 Buro or direct
Scotland GB2LS Southerness Lighthouse UK0042 MM1BHO
Scotland GB2TNL Tarbatness Lighthouse UK0151 Buro
Scotland GB2LT Turnberry Lighthouse UK0043 GM7OKX
Scotland GM0SGB Skroo UK0126 Direct only
Scotland GM0SGB Skadan UK0127 Direct only. (Admiralty No:A3750)
Scotland GM1JNS Kinnaird Head UK0094 Direct or Buro
Scotland GS4WAB Fair Isle, Skadan UK0127 Buro or direct to G4IAR. (Admiralty No:A3750)
Scotland GS7WAB Fair Isle, Skroo. UK0126 Buro or direct to G4IAR. (Admiralty No: A3756)
Scotland 15 MM5AHO/mm Skerryvore & others UK0122 (Sailing around Scotland wind permitting)
South Africa ZS1ARC Cape Columbine ZA0001 PO Box 180
South Africa ZS1BAK/lh Agulhas ZA0011 Via SARL buro
South Africa ZS1CRG Cape Point ZA0014
South Africa ZS1CT Greenpoint ZA0006 RSA buro or PO Box 2541 Clairninch 7740. Sth Africa.
South Africa ZS1OAK Milnerton ZA0019 or Buro
South Africa ZS1PZ Slangkop Point ZA0015 PO Box 37724 Valyland 7978 South Africa.
South Africa ZS1SKR Ystervarkpoint Lighthouse ZA0009 Buro
South Africa ZS1TB Cape Hangklip ZA0010 Buro. (Ops: ZS1WDK, ZS1REC)
South Africa ZS2AL /lh Seal Point ZA0021 Via ZS2PE
South Africa ZS2BRC Hood Point Lighthouse ZA0007 Via SARL
South Africa ZS2MUS/lh Donkin Lighthouse Port Elizabeth ZA0023 ZS2PE
South Africa ZS2PE /lh Cape Receife Lighthouse ZA0022 Via ZS2PE
South Africa ZS3OBS Doring Bay ZA0020 SARL buro
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse Bluff ZA0004 Buro. ( First entry and activation)
South Africa ZS5DCC Greenpoint, Clanstal ZA0018 SARL buro
South Africa ZS5HAC North Sands Bluff, Port Edward ZA0016 SARL buro
South Africa17 ZS5ZLB /lh Cape St Lucia ZA0003 SARL, Buro or PO Box Mandeni 4490 RSA. (Loc KG61fp)
Spain EA2DSG Gorliz ES?? E-QSL
Spain EG1TDH Tower of Hercules ES0013 EA1HNP
Spain DH6DAO/EA7 Faro de Torrox ES0009 Bureau. (Loc IM86AR) 20,10 & 6 meters SSB, CW.
Spain ED2SPS Faro de la Plata ES0028 Direct
Spain 5
EH8FLH Toston Lighthouse ES0029 Via EA8KN direct or buro. (Located on Canary Islands)
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship Finngrundet SE0013 Via SK0QO
Sweden 7S5LH Haradskar SE0032 Via SM5RN or SK5BN
Sweden 7S6TL Tistlarna. EU-043 SE0026 Buro
Sweden 7S7KUL Kullens Fyr SE0010 Via SK7DD
Sweden 8S6DH Donsoe Head SE0043 Via Buro or SM6FRJ
Sweden 8S6IL Islandberg SE0037 Buro,
Sweden 8S6MT Morups Tange SE0016 Buro for SK6JX
Sweden 8S6NAV Naven SE0017 SK6LR. (Loc: Vanern Lake)
Sweden SH5FEM Femorehuvud Lighthouse SE0048 Buro via SM5YRA + PA4JV (1st activation)
Sweden SK2AT Bergudden Lighthouse SE0049 Via SK2AT
Sweden SK3BG Lorudden SE0050 Via SK3BG
Sweden SK3GK /lh Boena Lighthouse SE0002 SK3GK via buro
Sweden SK6F Hallo SE0006 Bureau
Sweden SK6LR/lh Lidkoping Lighthouse SE0047 SK6LR. (Loc: Vanern Lake)
Sweden SK6MA /7 Visingso Lighthouse SE0029 SSA buro
Sweden SK6QA /lh Galteroe SE0038 Buro or direct, also LoTW, eQSL
Sweden SK7L Segerstad Lighthouse SE0020 SK7RN
SK7RN Laange Erik, Oeland Island North SE0011 Via SM7CRW (All hf bands 2m ssb, 70cm and D Star)
Sweden 19 SM7ENF /6 Hamneskar / Pater Noster SE0030 Buro
Switzerland 1 HB9DAR/lh Rorschach, Lake Constance CH0003 Buro or Kaeserenstrasse 25, CH-9404 Rorschacherberg, Switz.
Thailand 1 HS0ZIB Golden Jubilee L'house, Phuket TH0001 Via home call (New country)
Turkey TC7YBF Yoroz Burnu TR0003 TA9J
Turkey TC1LHW Karaburun. TR0002 QSL manager TA1HZ. (Admiralty No E4964)
Turkey 3 TC7LHW Yason Burnu Lighthouse TR0010 QSL manager TA1HZ. (Admiralty No E5795)
Ukraine 1 UU4JBU Yevpatoriyskiy UA0013 (Loc:KN65PD)
Uruguay CW1R Punta del Este UY0005
Uruguay 2 CW5Z Faro de la Forteleza del Cerro UY0008 Via CX2ABC
USA KC8WIT Marblehead US0069 Alan Shafer, 27 Chippewa Dr., Milan OH 44846
USA AC2FP Tibbetts Point US0134
USA AF6MQ Point Arena, CA US0117 AF6MQ POB 295 Point Arena, CA 95468
USA AF6TS Punta Gorda Lighthouse CA US0112 PO Box 8134, Eureka. CA 95502 or (2-80meters)
USA K2BR Absecon Island Light US0001
USA K2CRR 30 Mile Point, Lake Ontario, NY US0038 or 860 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo, NY
USA K2EC Montauk Point US0054 Cliff Kalfaian, POB 685, Montauk, NY 11954
USA K2IWR Myers Point. n/a Via K2IWR
USA K2R Charlotte-Genesee US0101 KU2US PO Box 185 Conesus NY 14435
USA K4PIL Ponce Inlet US0034 Via NU4C
USA K4ZK Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum US0025 K4ZK Cancelled joining W4JUP
USA K6A Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 W6STI
USA K6AUX Pt. Hueneme, California US0098 WD5B. (Special certificate for working USCG Aux station)
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 PVARC PO Box 2316 Palos Verdes Peninsula. CA 90274
USA K7CCH Umpqua Lighthouse US0040 K7CCH 91895 Alderwood Ln Coos Bay, OR 97420
USA K7IWH Browns Point, Tacoma, WA US0111 K7IWH (other op W7VOC)
USA K7LM Umpqua Lighthouse US0040 Via K7LM
USA K9WED Southport Lighthouse, Kenosha, WI US0052
USA K9WED South Pierhead Light, Kenosha, WI US0085
USA KA5NHU Au Sable Point, Michigan US0119 Buro. (Grand Marais, Alger County, Michigan)
USA KC2RA Coney Island, Norton's Point US0091 PO Box 280288, Brooklyn, NY 11228 or
USA KC2YYL Fort Niagara Lighthouse US0048
USA KC7Z Point No Point Lighthouse (1879) US0061 Nth Kitsap ARC PO Box 2268 Silverdale WA 98383
USA KC8QZG Crisp Point Lighthouse US0128
USA KC8WIT Marblehead Lighthouse US0069 By Email
USA KD7JB Marrowstone Point US0133 Direct
USA N1EQG Pelican Bay Lighthouse US0118 PO Box 1384 Brookings, OR 97415 USA
USA N1ME Fort Point ME US0071 Direct or buro
USA N1NC Highland Light, Cape Cod US0116 N1NC direct or Buro
USA N1QLL West Quoddy Head US0041 Buro or direct. (Easternmost point of USA)
USA N2CMC Cape May, NJ US0011 CMCARC PO Box 601 Cape May Court House, NJ 08210-0601
USA N2MO Sandy Hook Lighthouse US0035 Direct
USA N4EAR Boca Grande Cancelled US0004
USA W4LX Boca Grande US0004
USA N4GM Bald Head Lighthouse "Old Baldy" US0059 K1KK or N4GM per (Ops 21 Aug 10am-5pm)
USA N7H North Head US0028 PO Box 1502 Ocean Park, WA 98640
USA N7JN Lime Kiln US0080 Direct
USA N7L Yaquina Bay Lighthouse US0043 K7VV (K7Victor Victor) (12th year at this light)
USA N8L Marquette Harbor & Breakwater Lgts US0027 KD8DKU (Breakwater US0026)
USA N8MR Eagle Harbour Lighthouse US0017 Buro or
USA NI9Y Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse US0079 Buro or
USA NT6N Battery Point Lighthouse US0125 1201 Northridge Drive, Yreka, CA 96097
USA NU2W Twin Lights of Navesink US0051
USA W1NLS Lightship Nantucket-LV112/WAL534 US0102
USA W2GSB Fire Island Lighthouse US0019 W2GSB/LH POB 1356, West Babylon, NY. 11704
USA W2KP Absecon Lighthouse US0001 Via K2BR on
USA W2SO Dunkirk Lighthouse, Lake Erie US0016 Lancaster ARC 525 Pavement Rd Lancaster, NY 14086
USA W3LRS Lightship Overfalls US0029 PO Box 436, Lewes, DE 19958
USA W4A Tierra Verde Lighthouse US0039 N4MAA with SASE pls
USA W4BUG Hillsboro Light US0131 GCARA POB 773 Pompano Beach FK 33061 +SASE pls
USA W4JUP Jupiter Inlet Light and Museum US0025
USA W4LX Boca Grande, FL US0004 FMARC PO Box 061183 Fort Myers FL 33906
USA W5BII Sabine Pass US0130 LOTW or W5BII Club PO
USA W6A Point Fermin US0031 W6STI. (Ops: US Coast Guard Aux)
USA W6HUM Cape Mendocino US0095 SHARC, PO Box 701, Redway, CA95560.
USA W6IES Trinidad Head US0115 W6IES via buro
USA W7AVM Admiralty Head, WA US0002 Via W7AVM
USA W7AW Alki Point US0100 W7AW
USA W7BU Lightship Columbia WLV-604 US0055 Via W7LY. (Celebrating 30 years continuous ops from vessel)
USA W7GC Cape Meares Lighthouse US0012 See this web site
USA W7KXB Patos Island US0123 W7KXB
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse US0022 SASE to PO Box 254, Florence Oregon 97439. USA
USA W7SYC Lightship #83, "Swiftsure" US0113 WM7W. (Ops Seattle Yacht Club)
USA W7ZA Grays Harbor Lighthouse US0062 Direct or bureau
USA W8BNZ Point Betsie US0078
USA W9AB St Joseph North Pier Inner US0121 W9AB (Outer Light US0122)
USA W9CQO 1860 Lightstation, Port Washington US0114 Buro or
USA W9LY Michigan City Lighthouse US0079 PO Box 148 Michigan City, IN 46360
USA W9LYA Chicago Harbor Southeast Guidewall US0132 See web site
USA WA2CKP Blackwell's Light US0120 Via WA2CKP home call
USA WA6NBG Table Bluff Lighthouse. (Historic) US0127 2265 Mabelle Ave. Eureka, CA 95503-7036
USA WA7LAW Mukilteo Lighthouse US0107 ViaAD7BF direct
USA WB2LHP Mission Point Lighthouse US0088 Direct to 198 Island View Drive Traverse City, MI. USA
USA WB8DQT White River Lighouse & Museum US0042 Via W8DQT
USA WD4MSM Michigan City Lighthouse US0079 WD4MSM. Cancelled
USA WG4K Sanibel Lighthouse US0126 See Cancelled
USA WR2DX Sea Girt, New Jersey US0036
USA WS1SM Pemaquid Point Lighthouse US0124 W1WMG
USA 79 WT2W Sodus Point (Museum) US0046 Direct. (Along Lake Ontario)
Wales GB0HEL Helwick Lighthip UK0046 Via RSGB buro
Wales GB2SLA St. Ann's Head Lighthouse UK0052 Buro or GW3CR
Wales GB2TD Trwyn Du / Penmon Point UK0047 Buro or GW0LIS
Wales GB4BPL Burry Point Lighthouse UK0044 Buro or
Wales GC4BRS/p Flatholm Island Cancelled UK0045 Buro or MW0DHF direct
Wales GW1FKY Nash Point Low UK0037 Via MW0DHF buro or direct
Wales 7 MW0DHF Nash Point High UK0017 Via home call

Lightships Participating in the Event - Total =18 (included in above list)

Country Call Lighthship Name ILLW No QSL Route and other info.
Belgium ON6NW /p Lightship Westhinder I BE0004 Bureau
Belgium ON9BD Westhinder 3 Lightship BE0006 Bureau
England GB5ULA Lightship Sula LV-14 UK0109 Buro (Formerly LV Spurn, now moored Gloucester Docks)
England GB2LV Lightship LV-21 UK0129 RSGB buro
Germany DF0MF Lightship Arumbank DE0059 Buro, SWL & Direct via DL1WH
Germany DL0BRF Borkumriff Lightship DE0017 Buro or direct via DL1BIZ
Germany DL0CUX Lightship Elbe1 Burgermeister O'swald DE0010 Buro to DK1KQ
Germany DL0YLM Fyrskib XV Lightship DE0061 Buro. (YL Crew)
Germany DL0MFH /lgt Lightvessel 13, Trinity House. DE0019 Buro (Lighthship at Hamburg)
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship "Texel" NL0006 PI4ADH
Netherlands PD6ALS Amsterdam Lightship NL0043 Buro, direct or
Nth Ireland MN0NID Lightship Petrel UK0092 MI0SAI via buro, LOTW, direct,
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship Finngrundet SE0013 Via SK0QO
USA W1NLS Lightship Nantucket-LV112/WAL534 US0102
USA W3LRS Lightship Overfalls US0029 PO Box 436, Lewes, DE 19958
USA W7BU Lightship Columbia WLV-604 US0055 Via W7LY. (Celebrating 30 years continuous ops from vessel)
USA W7SYC Lightship #83, "Swiftsure" US0113 WM7W. (Ops Seattle Yacht Club)
Wales GB0HEL Helwick Lighthip UK0046 Via RSGB buro

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