Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Intercosmos - 40th year of international human flights - SSTV Award

Intercosmos - 40th year of international human flights - SSTV Award

SSTV from the International Space Station is expected to be active April 11-14 worldwide as part of Cosmonautics Day, which takes place on April 12.
Images will be related to the Interkosmos project (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interkosmos).

This activity will cover most of the world during the operational period.
The images will be transmitted on 145.800 MHz and the mode is planned to be PD120.

A special Award will be made available to those posting reception reports.
To obtain the Award one should receive and decode at least one picture during the activity period. The quality of the received image does not have to be perfect, but good enough to identify the picture. Partial images are acceptable.

The award is in electronic format (JPG). It will be sent by e-mail.
The criteria as follows must be met to obtain the Award:
Load your decoded images on the page:
Fill in the application form on https://ariss.pzk.org.pl/sstv/
Deadline is May 15th, 2018.
Details and a list of ARISS SSTV Award winning stations are available at:

73, Armand SP3QFE

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