Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pile up on 20m band

Last night dxing result.
Antenna : DAL 2 element yagi (homebrew)
Rig : icom 718
power : 100 watts
Thanks to 9w2dal for homebrewing this antenna. Your antenna is very best and effective.

19M2ZAKUA9FHB Asiatic Russia 18:3320mSSB59
2 9M2ZAKDK5AL Fed. Rep. of Germany 18:2920mSSB55
3 9M2ZAKUA6XY European Russia 18:2820mSSB57
4 9M2ZAKEA2AOO Spain 18:2820mSSB57
9M2ZAKIW2CLM Italy 18:2620mSSB59
6 9M2ZAKDH6CAX Fed. Rep. of Germany 18:2520mSSB59
7 9M2ZAKIT9SVJ Italy 18:2420mSSB59
8 9M2ZAKIK8CLY Italy 18:2320mSSB59
9 9M2ZAKOR2R Belgium 18:2220mSSB57
10 9M2ZAKSV7JJZ Greece 18:2120mSSB59
11 9M2ZAKEC7DTQ Spain 18:2020mSSB55
12 9M2ZAKRX1AP European Russia 18:1820mSSB59
9M2ZAKIW6DGJ Italy 18:1720mSSB59
14 9M2ZAKIK2FKM Italy 18:1720mSSB59
15 9M2ZAKPE0MVJ Netherlands 18:1620mSSB59
16 9M2ZAKIZ0PED Italy 18:1420mSSB59
17 9M2ZAKSP3CYY Poland 18:1320mSSB59
18 9M2ZAKF4FTS France 18:1220mSSB59
19 9M2ZAKPE7URK Netherlands 18:1120mSSB59
20 9M2ZAKIZ4ORN Italy 18:1020mSSB59
21 9M2ZAKPB5X Netherlands 18:0920mSSB57
22 9M2ZAKG0AIX England 18:0820mSSB59
23 9M2ZAKIW4BTN Italy 18:0620mSSB59
24 9M2ZAKIK5LSQ Italy 18:0520mSSB59
9M2ZAKHB9EFJ Switzerland 18:0420mSSB59
26 9M2ZAKEA1DFP Spain 18:0320mSSB59
27 9M2ZAKDH4SC Fed. Rep. of Germany 18:0220mSSB59
9M2ZAKIZ5NRF Italy 18:0120mSSB58
29 9M2ZAKIW2JQF Italy 18:0020mSSB58
30 9M2ZAKPG4DX Netherlands 17:5920mSSB59
31 9M2ZAKON8YB Belgium 17:5820mSSB59
32 9M2ZAKRV3YM European Russia 17:5820mSSB59
33 9M2ZAKIK8TEO Italy 17:5720mSSB59
34 9M2ZAKEA1EYG Spain 17:5520mSSB59
35 9M2ZAKPA3FFJ Netherlands 17:5220mSSB59
36 9M2ZAKUR5VCQ Ukraine 17:5020mSSB55
9M2ZAKIW4AOT Italy 17:4020mSSB57
38 9M2ZAK9M2SX West Malaysia 17:3920mSSB59
39 9M2ZAKOH2BR Finland 17:3420mSSB59
9M2ZAKEI9JU Ireland 17:3320mSSB59
41 9M2ZAKEA3OD Spain 17:3320mSSB59
42 9M2ZAKM0CSI England 17:3120mSSB59
43 9M2ZAKEA3NI Spain 17:2920mSSB55
44 9M2ZAKMM0BQN Scotland 17:2620mSSB59
45 9M2ZAKG4RRA England 17:2420mSSB56
46 9M2ZAKM0YYV England 17:2120mSSB59
47 9M2ZAKOK2BSQ Czech Republic 17:2020mSSB55
48 9M2ZAKON5SD Belgium 17:1720mSSB57
49 9M2ZAKMI0SDR Northern Ireland 17:1620mSSB59
50 9M2ZAKUA9CGL Asiatic Russia 17:1220mSSB59
9M2ZAKF1PKH France 17:1120mSSB59
52 9M2ZAKDG9BHV Fed. Rep. of Germany 17:1020mSSB59
53 9M2ZAKW6BWG United States of America 17:0820mSSB57
54 9M2ZAKDC8ACR Fed. Rep. of Germany 17:0520mSSB59
55 9M2ZAKW1UF United States of America 17:0420mSSB59
56 9M2ZAKOK2KFK Czech Republic 17:0320mSSB59
57 9M2ZAKDF2WF Fed. Rep. of Germany 17:0220mSSB59
58 9M2ZAKOK2PDE Czech Republic 17:0120mSSB59
59 9M2ZAKDC0KV Fed. Rep. of Germany 17:0020mSSB59
9M2ZAKPE1NBD Netherlands 16:5720mSSB56
61 9M2ZAKDL7OK Fed. Rep. of Germany 16:5420mSSB59
62 9M2ZAKSQ1DWS Poland 16:5220mSSB59
63 9M2ZAKDL7GP Fed. Rep. of Germany 16:5120mSSB59
64 9M2ZAKOH6JE Finland 16:4920mSSB58
65 9M2ZAKK7VED United States of America 16:4820mSSB59
66 9M2ZAKVO1FB Canada 16:4620mSSB59
67 9M2ZAKSP3DV Poland 16:4520mSSB59
68 9M2ZAKWA5VGI United States of America 16:4420mSSB59
69 9M2ZAKK6FR United States of America 16:4220mSSB57
70 9M2ZAKW5KFT United States of America 16:4020mSSB59
71 9M2ZAKN6ZS United States of America 16:3820mSSB59
72 9M2ZAKUA9UBL Asiatic Russia 16:3620mSSB59
73 9M2ZAKOE6RLF Austria 16:3420mSSB59
74 9M2ZAKDL1NKS Fed. Rep. of Germany 16:3320mSSB59
75 9M2ZAKKI7M United States of America 16:2920mSSB59
76 9M2ZAKLA5HX Norway 16:2820mSSB59
77 9M2ZAKRN6BY European Russia 16:2720mSSB59
78 9M2ZAKRN3AM European Russia 16:2620mSSB59
79 9M2ZAKDF1IAQ Fed. Rep. of Germany 16:2520mSSB59
80 9M2ZAK4B2EX Mexico 16:2420mSSB59
81 9M2ZAKOM3TWM Slovak Republic 16:2220mSSB59
82 9M2ZAKES4IN Estonia 16:1920mSSB59
83 9M2ZAKKM6DA United States of America 16:1320mSSB55
84 9M2ZAKXE2HUQ Mexico 16:1120mSSB57
85 9M2ZAKK0RIH United States of America 16:0520mSSB59
86 9M2ZAKW7IP United States of America 16:0420mSSB59
87 9M2ZAKW6RF United States of America 16:0120mSSB59
88 9M2ZAKIZ8OGR Italy 15:5020mSSB59
89 9M2ZAKSM7LPY Sweden 15:4720mSSB59
90 9M2ZAKDL1TKB Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:4620mSSB59
91 9M2ZAKPD2AD Netherlands 15:4520mSSB59
92 9M2ZAKRA3NF European Russia 15:4420mSSB59
93 9M2ZAKDH7SA Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:4220mSSB59
94 9M2ZAKDJ4SU Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:3920mSSB59
95 9M2ZAKDJ9RQ Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:3220mSSB59
96 9M2ZAKRA4LKW European Russia 15:3020mSSB59
97 9M2ZAKEA3BSE Spain 15:2920mSSB59
98 9M2ZAKG3OCA England 15:2720mSSB59
99 9M2ZAKDF1VU Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:2620mSSB59
100 9M2ZAKF5MOW France 15:2520mSSB59
101 9M2ZAKON7HM Belgium 15:2420mSSB59
102 9M2ZAKIK2TDR Italy 15:2320mSSB59
103 9M2ZAKLA1VFA Norway 15:2320mSSB59
104 9M2ZAKSP5GMM Poland 15:2220mSSB59
105 9M2ZAKDK2JP Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:2120mSSB59
106 9M2ZAKOE8HIK Austria 15:1920mSSB59
107 9M2ZAKRK9XM Asiatic Russia 15:1820mSSB59
108 9M2ZAKDJ5AV Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:1720mSSB59
109 9M2ZAKEA3GLV Spain 15:1620mSSB59
110 9M2ZAKSQ6RGH Poland 15:1620mSSB59
9M2ZAKPD3GO Netherlands 15:1620mSSB59
112 9M2ZAKF4ENH France 15:1620mSSB59
113 9M2ZAKUA3RAG European Russia 15:1520mSSB59
114 9M2ZAKRK6DP European Russia 15:1420mSSB59
9M2ZAKON7TZ Belgium 15:1320mSSB59
116 9M2ZAKDL6HM Fed. Rep. of Germany 15:1020mSSB59
117 9M2ZAKRK6AH European Russia 15:0620mSSB59
118 9M2ZAKDJ9DZ Fed. Rep. of Germany 14:5820mSSB59
119 9M2ZAKON7IS Belgium 14:5520mSSB59
120 9M2ZAKEA3BMT Spain 14:5320mSSB59
121 9M2ZAKUR0HQ Ukraine 14:5120mSSB59
122 9M2ZAKDL6WT Fed. Rep. of Germany 14:4920mSSB59
123 9M2ZAKIZ2DPX Italy 14:4620mSSB59
124 9M2ZAKUR5EAW Ukraine 14:4320mSSB59
9M2ZAKPD1RP Netherlands 14:4020mSSB59
126 9M2ZAKRA3BT European Russia 14:3820mSSB59
127 9M2ZAKIW1GGR Italy 14:3520mSSB59
128 9M2ZAKRD4WM European Russia 14:3220mSSB59
129 9M2ZAKUY7QN Ukraine 14:2920mSSB59
130 9M2ZAKRL6YXX European Russia 14:2620mSSB59
131 9M2ZAKER4DX Moldavia 14:2420mSSB59
132 9M2ZAKSO8ZH Poland 14:0020mSSB59
133 9M2ZAKE20MDN Thailand 13:1320mCW599
134 9M2ZAK7N1PRD Japan 12:2220mCW599
135 9M2ZAKBH7OZG China 04:2920mSSB59

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