Sunday, November 22, 2009


9m2zak splits with 9g5tt

The terms split is used when a station is tx on one fre, but listening on another. this procedure is common when many stations are trying to get through to a single station, such as a rare DX station.

You can tell that a station is working split when you hear the station contacting other stations but you cant hear those station responses....

It can also work the other way around:sometimes you tune in a pileup of stations trying to contact a DX station but you arent able to hear the DX station responses.

Typically, the DX station is split listening fre is a few khz above the tx fre. The station being called gives instructions such as "listening up 5". The former means he is listening for stations 5 khz above his tx fre. Example, 14.195 to 14.200 khz.

To "work split", set one of your radio main tuning controls (called VFOs, which is means Variable Frequency Oscillator) to the tx fre and other to the rx fre. These usually referred to as "VFO A" and "VFO B".

Set up the radio to listen where one VFO is set and tx on the other. Read your rig manual carefully so that u do this properly. If u accidently tx on the wrong VFO, u interfere with DX station.

This method is the easiest way to working split, but it not the only one, u can also establish the tx and rx fre as memory selections on your radio, and then jump between memories. dont bother trying to dial back and forth, u wont be quick enough. With either method, practice for a while first, before trying it out on the air. Gud luck and gud dx.

My 20 meter band report for today....

1. W0KH 14205 USB 1803 UTC 55 RST

2. IZ5MMB 14210 USB 1810 UTC 57 RST

3. VU3PMY 14275 USB 1122 UTC 59 RST

4. YB3MS 14210 USB 1127 UTC 59 RST

5. VU2DK 14196 USB 1155 UTC 59 RST

6. HS0ZCW 14196 USB 1159 UTC 59 RST

7. VU2DIC 14266 USB 1212 UTC 59 RST

8. 9M6BOB 14210 USB 0110 UTC 59 RST

9. VK3SMC 14177 USB 0118 UTC 59 RST

10. HZ1PS 14177 USB 0120 UTC 59 RST

11. ET3AA 14258 USB 0158 UTC 57 RST

12. A71BU 14177 USB 0200 UTC 59 RST

13. V8AQM 14283 USB 0240 UTC 59 RST

14. ZS6AW 14209 USB 0245 UTC 59 RST

15. 9K2GS 14198 USB 0253 UTC 59 RST

16. ZRIADI 14255 USB 0257 UTC 59 RST

17. 9M2GET 14283 USB 0323 UTC 55 RST

18. ZS2DK 14195 USB 0335 UTC 59 RST

19. ZS6AKU 14215 USB 0340 UTC 59 RST

20. FR5ZL 14195 USB 0356 UTC 59 RST

21. 9G5TT 14195 USB 0535 UTC 58 RST


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