Saturday, June 27, 2009

Icom IC - 02N and Icom IC - 32ET

This 2 old handy i get it from my friend, 9w2iss. Amazingly !!!! it's still work and have great audio. good job icom!!!

Icom IC-32ET
Type:Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver
Frequency range:144-146 / 430-440 MHz
RF Power output:Hi: 5.5/5 W
Lo: 1/1 W
Image rejection:N/A
Voltage:7.2-13.2 VDC battery pack or 12-15 VDC external
Current drain:RX: 10-250 mA
TX: Max 2.2 A
Impedance:50 ohms, BNC
Dimensions (W*H*D):65*159*35 mm (with BP-3)
Weight:510 gr (with BP-3)
Manufactured:Japan, 198x-19xx (Discontinued

Type:Amateur VHF transceiver
Frequency range:144-146 MHz
RF Power output:Hi: 5 W
Lo: 3.5W
Receiver system:double conversion super heterodyne
Sensitivity:less 0.25 for 12db sinad
Selectivity:more than 15khz-6db
less than 30khz - 60db
Image rejection:less than 60db
Voltage:9 - 16 VDC
Current drain:RX: Max 130 mA
TX: Max 550 mA
Impedance:50 ohms, BNC
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm
Weight:535 grm
Manufactured:Japan, 19xx-19xx (Discontinued

must see this...

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Jurukaka said...

I got 1 but modified to ARDF contest receiver. Good Txr ;)

50wpm Recording #84