Saturday, August 5, 2017

Compile JMBE with Apache Ant

Compile JMBE with Apache Ant 

cd Downloads
~/Downloads$ sudo git clone
~/Downloads$ ls
~/Downloads$ sudo chmod -R 777 jmbe
~/Downloads$ cd jmbe
~/Downloads/jmbe$ cd jmbe
~/Downloads/jmbe/jmbe$ cd build
~/Downloads/jmbe/jmbe/build$ ant
bla bla bla dan siap...kemudian

~/Downloads/jmbe/jmbe$ cd library

~/Downloads/jmbe/jmbe/library$ sudo cp jmbe-0.3.3.jar /home/pi/sdrtrunk
~/Downloads/jmbe/jmbe/library$ cd /home/pi/sdrtrunk
~/sdrtrunk$ cd Downloads
~/Downloads$ sudo chmod -R 755 jmbe

ok siap setup jmbe

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